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Hi guys,


i was planning to build a custom water cooling but it was little bit a critical for me as beginner, so i went throw the corsair website and already add my spec i will attached with pic to be more clear.




Case : Corsair X680 RGB + corsair commander as well*.

Motherboards Asus Maximus xii extreme Z490

Intel I9-10900K

Corsair Dominator rams 3600MHz 32 gb

GPU NVlink 2x 2080 ti Asus


Aio for the CPU 280mm corsair

8 corsair fans

power supply 1200W EVGA ( couldn't found corasir at that time when COVID- 19 start)



So the issue is with NVLink the first GPU getting hotter than the 2nd because there is no enough space and my motherboard doesn't have extra PCIE for 4 slots SLI, i add 1 more Noctoa fan 3000RPM with 3M coated in the middle of both GPU to cooling them both and it was working till i changed my monitor to ASUS to start playing 4K with NVLink both cards working nicely and i found the issue returen the 1st card getting hot up to 72 and 74 the 2nd is fine with 61, so i diecied to go with Corsair water cooling to end heating issue.



my question is how much fitting i do need is the recommending is enough for this build ?







your help is highly appreciated.






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You will need two fittings for every component. One for intake and one for outlet. So, that will be 6 fittings for the three radiators, two for the CPU block, four for the GPU blocks, and two for the pump.


It looks like Corsair's recommended setup will adequately cool the system. However the fans will be louder when the CPU and GPUs are under load. I'm not sure if its enough for overclocking the CPU and GPUs.


There is an issue with the corsair GPU water blocks where in certain situations they can leak. Its been discussed here and is all over YouTube. Its up to you to decide if it will be a concern for you.


I'm not a fan of Corsair's XD5 pump. It doesn't perform as well for me as other D5 pumps.


In my opinion, based on my experience, the reason to buy Corsair water cooling products is for the integrated lighting control. Not for their performance or quality.

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thanks for your kind reply, yes today i already order the equipment needed because i will order it online while my country doesn't have corsair reseller yet, we just have Thermaltake, so i cant see what i will order i was counting on the recommendation from the corsair website as well, + something missing for me like Water Blocks Filling Bottle,ATX Bridging Plug (24 pin) ,Aqua Computer Dr. Drop Pressure Tester Including Air Pump and LOOP SOFT TUBE CUTTER for me to do the necessary setup and keep the loop for 24 hours to check any leak and removing the bubbles, then i add extra soft tubing fittng kit i add 6 ( HYDRO X SERIES XF BLACK COMPRESSION 10/13MM (3/8" / 1/2") ID/OD FITTINGS - FOUR PACK)


so i think that will be enough maybe as mentioned in recommendation it was 3 i add 6 becuase i will add extra radiators, 240mm top bottom 240 mm front 360mm and back 140mm for my overclock CPU and GPU i think its more than enough, about the leak i saw it and i know its there but its leak when you apply more pressure on it and i will never touch it and the pump as you said not that much performance so totally no need to worry about it, if there is any leak i will change it to another company i am just excited for my first build lol i will do it on my own so that why i asked here i am following every step very carefully and toke the recommendation as mentioned the thing i am not sure about the loop way from outlet to inlet this is little bit confusing.


last questions i just remembered how many L for coolant i need ?



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