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Strafe RGB mk.2 Firmware


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After having recently contacted support due to a problem with my keyboard's LEDs, which were only displaying some colors all across, and following their "scripted" instructions to hard reset my firmwire, send by them in their response, the keyboard completely stopped working. LEDs do not light up, the keyboard is completely dead and it's not even being recognized by windows during boot up. The only things that keep working are the ability to access the cpr_disabled option and the optional back usb port which make me question why can i access that but it's not being recognized as a device.

Since I'm not willing to wait another 5 days for their reply, does anyone have any advice regarding the situation? I'd like to add that I did try the most common work arounds suggested on the forums by people that had similar issues; like holding Esc, connecting it to another PC etc.

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