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What happens if corsair fails to deliver a working product?

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Hi, firstable i'd like to start with pointing out so far i had a great experience, i received the RMA product through the advanced replacement and the product has arrived only 20 days after i started the ticket (which considering my experiences is quite a short time for such a thing).

The problem arrives at the product, the "Certified refurbished" PSU has even more coil whiny than the one i sent back, way more than the last one, now, i know the CX series is not the best PSU that corsair can offer and its often subject to these complaints, but i still expect to have a valid product indipendently to what i paid.

So the first question i had is what happens if Corsair fails to deliver an acceptable product for more than 2-3 RMAs? Would Corsair keep changing them or are they offering a sort of barter to a better product where they can guarantee that a certain scenario would not happen?

i can send the ref. number in case needed

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