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Another H100i not detected by Device Manager!


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So, I have a H100i v2 which appears to be working fine, except that it does not appear in Device Manager, and thus does not appear in Corsair Link or iCue. I've been reading forums and suggestions all day and trying things - so far nothing has worked.


- H100i is lit up, cycling through colours, and cooling

- BIOS upgraded to latest version

- BIOS has all Q fan control disabled

- Clean, new install of Windows 10

- Latest AMD Chipset drivers installed

- Three different micro-USB cables tried, including the stock one, and including going into the front and back panel usb3 ports.


I didn't build the computer, I just noticed that I haven't actually had proper control of the cooler since I bought it. I've tried everything I could find.


Any suggestions?

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