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How can I swap H100i Platinum fans with H510i AER fans


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Hi all,


I want to get the H100i Platinum SE AIO (comes with 2 Corsair LL120 RGB fans) and white H510i case (comes with 2 NZXT AER 120 fans)


From what i heard, LL120 fans RGB must be plugged into the hub, in this case, must be plugged into the RGB ports coming out of the pump?


Im quite confused. is there a cable configuration that i can achieve the following:


I want to put the 2 LL120 fans at the top and rear exhaust case fan, and put the radiator in the front with the 2 NZXT AER fans mounted as CPU fans


So the AER fans need to change rpm according to my CPU heat, while the LL120 will just be case fans at fixed speed

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