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SP120 Pro rgb fan help - not lighting up


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I recently purchased a PC in a 220t case having the three SP120 RGB Pro fans on the front that are included with the case. Then I purchased a fourth fan for the back of my case, this is also a SP120 RGB Pro wanting to keep things the same. I have iCUE 3.31.81 and have forced the firmware update on all my fans to 0.9.16.


The issue I am having is the fan at the back of my case that I purchased does not light up the LEDs but spins to create the airflow, but I wouldn't mind if it also lit up to match the fans on the front of the case.


The three front fans are plugged into the lighting node core in ports 1-3 and I plugged the newly purchased fan into port 4, have the iCUE set to 4 SP RGB PRO Series Fans.


I have removed fan from port 1 and plugged it in port 4, it does not light up and vise versa new fan from port 4 into port 1. Also does not light up. Is there something in the settings I am completely missing or would the fan LED just be faulty?




CASE: iCUE 220t

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

MB: Gigabyte b450m ds3h

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

RAM: G Skill 16gb ddr4 3000

PSU: Deep Cool DA500 80+ Brozne

SSD: WD Black 250gb

HDD: Segate Barracuda 1TB

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Hi buddy...


1st... cant miss out ports.. 4 fans.. must use port 1 through to 4.. if you miss a port then anything after it wont light.


2nd.. in icue.. have you actually applied lighting to the 4th fans LEDs in the lighting control tab?

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i have them set in ports 1-4, i was just swapping them to see i could get the LED to light up on the new fan when i plugged it into port 1. No dice. If that makes sense.


As far as i know i have applied lighting to the fourth fan.

In lighting setup port four is registered as blue and does not light the fan up.

In lighting channel I have highlighted all the LED's on all four fans to apply the Temperature effect(filter) to the fans.


appreciate the help, I'm fairly new to all this.

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so.. 3 the original fans are lighting fine and the new one in port 4 isnt. what happens if you swap fan 3 and 4 over?


i just tried swapping any of them over again.

the new fan will not light up on any port and any of them I put on port 4 wont light up.


in the end I think the LED in the new fan are just duds and don't work.

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