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Mouse POS and ICUE measurements on X cord


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So I used a script for autohotkey provided by someone to get a on mouse pointer text box providing the mouse POS at the time request. I have 2 monitors; left of my main monitor is a 2560x1440 (monitor 2 in extended) main monitor is 3440x1440 (monitor 1)


when using above script it shows the center of my main monitor as 1720x 720y so essentially using 0,0 as corner of main monitor while second monitor is using -x cords.


I am trying to make a corsair based macro for mouse POS and the above is well to the left of center on the x on main monitor. 0,0 is in top left corner of left monitor, but its not then using common sense to measure out X cords :(


Center of main monitor is roughly 2453, which if 0,0 is top left corner of LEFT monitor, why isnt that on edge of the right side of that monitor?

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