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Corsair Link v. with Asus Maximus IX Code problem sensor Temp#

Aidan Elven

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A warm greeting to all.

I hope I have not opened a discussion already made and perhaps resolved.

If it were, I apologize for not noticing.

I come to the point. Can someone explain and understand why I noticed that in the Corsair Link version Corsair Link v4.9.9.3, the Temp sensor # 5 indicates 0. while in the previous versions they do not find all these sensors and none of these indicated a Temp # 0.

I am attaching a series of images so that I can better understand the problem.

I don't know if it's a Corsair link bug and if it was how can I take action to eliminate this?

A heartfelt and sincere thank you for your kind help.

P.S. I hope my written english can be fairly good. I apologize if it isn't. Thank you.





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Thanks for the reply Chris1987. I will follow your advice later, but first allow me to better understand the problem with you. In my humble opinion, I think it's a bug or something else when upgrading Corsair Link software. As you can see in the image I inserted from the previous version v., the Corsair Link showed less sensors concerning the motherboard and as you can see, it also shows the temperature sensors of the SSD which I find them very useful. Which in the latest version v. by magic are gone. The version v. idem.

At this point I hope that the Corsair software department can receive constructively and helpfully on what I have highlighted, in the hope of a suggestion or a future upgrade.


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