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HS70 connection problems suddenly


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I have a weird connection problem, i wonder if anyone can help?


The problem came after pulling the transmitter out of the usb port and inserting it later



- No sound, but windows recognizes the transmitter dongle and acts as ussually

- The headset makes sounds when turning on, but no longer when turning off

- The headset is registred in windows device manager/viewer as an unspecified device

- The transmitters led lights solid white when the headset is on, seems it has some form of connection


Tried so far:

- Changing usb ports, i had this issue before and that worked, but not any longer

- resetting the transmitter and then pressing the power for 10 secs, it just turns on and then off and then on again

- Soft reset with the mute button

- reinstalling the icue software

- force updating the firmware

- changing the usb cable

- tried connecting over another pc

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