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iCUE lighting laggy/stuttering


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This is going to be a lengthy message but here I go.


So about 3 ish days ago I took my pc apart to remove my h100i platinum cause it was creating condensation in my case (replaced with stock ryzen cooler) and to cable manage better. This required disconnecting everything to route the wires properly(including all my corsair iCUE products).


When I was all done and with the pc booted up I noticed my corsair rgb strip was stuttering as if my ram usage was high. So i checked task manager and nothing else was running. So I said ok maybe a reboot should do it. Nope, it didnt help. A day later(today) i noticed now my fans are stuttering/lagging(not smooth). So I tried googling and basically did everything in the book. I did the following today.


1. Re seated all wires(including corsair products)

2. Disconnected each lighting strip and fan one at a time to see if one was defective ad causeing this.

3. Deleted all other rgb softwares I had like asus aura and asrock polychrome.

4. Repaired icue

5. Unistalled icue and reinstalled

6. Tried previous versions of icue cause today I updated icue to the new one that allows for asus strix gpus to be controlled through icue

7. Tried previous versions of windows updates

8. Changed usb powermanagement settings

9. Ive also check to see for any spikes in cpu, ram. Ethernet and storage usage to see if they align for when the stuttering occurs and I can find a clear pattern sometjme they alogn and other times not at all.


The list goes on. Maybe i havent done something. Thats why im here.


I also noticed that when i COMPLETLY close out of iCUE and my lights default to the rainbow wave, they lights no longer stutter/lag. Also when i restart my pc(before icue can boot up) the lights dont stutter/lag. Seem to only be occuring when iCUE is running.



I have the following products


Ql 120 x 9

Lighting node pro x 1

Commander pro x 1

Node core x 2

Lighting strip x 4

Vengeance rgb pro x4 (32gb)


I have 6 fans into 1 node core that is then connected to the lightning node and the lighting node is connected to an usb port on the commander pro.


The 3 other fans are connected to another node core that is then connect into and led port on the commander pro.


My lighting strips are daisy chained and connected into the other led port in the commander pro.


Finally the commander pro is connected into the motherboard via usb.


Bear in mind that all my corsair products weren't lagging before disassembling my pc on Tuesday.

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Same thing going on for me as well. It's kind of pitiful that I have invested around 2k into my new build, and the RGB can't even run smoothly. Really kinda pisses me off.


Makes me want to invest in a different company. Maybe we’re better off with a little hardware controller the fans attach to that changes the patterns. Software seems to be an issue.

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guys i found a fix for it at least at mine works i just reinstalled the windows 10 and the stuttering is gone, im sorry about my english, i am brazilian so i dont speak to much but my problem get solved by doing it just reinstalling the windows

if you guys can do it and post here if it works

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I was having the same issue with my build after I installed my h100i se platinum. I fixed this by updating my iCUE and restarting my computer. My computer has been running for a while now and appears to be fixed. If this doesn't work another solution I was going to try is giving my lighting node pro its own sata power. Right now I have the same sata power connected to my lighting node pro, h100i, and my 2 hard drives with the same sata power cable.
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