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Lost RGB control for fans


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my original setup in 1000D is


Front: 8*120 LL

Back: 2*120 LL

Top: 3*140 ML

6 LL > #1 Commander LED Channel 1

4 LL > #1 Commander LED Channel 2

3 ML> #2 Commander LED Channel 2


Then I changed all LL fans to QL:


6QL > #1 Lighting Node Core > #1 Commander USB port 1

4QL > #2 Lighting Node Core > #1 Commander USB port 2

3ML > #3 Lighting Node Core > #2 Commander USB port 1


Since there is no LED cable for Lighting Node Core, only the front panel and lighting strip is still using #2 Commander LED Channel 1. I still have the control for RGB setting for them. (Hi115 too, but I believe it is a separate device, should not be involved in the FAN RGB setting.)


But all 10 QL and 3 ML fans are in default rainbow RGB color and I have no control for the RBG setting. Please kindly help me out.

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