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Corsair a100 - Windows 10 2004 Blocked?


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Does anyone know why Windows Update is blocking the Windows 10 2004 (May 2020) update on the Corsair One a100?


I've reviewed the Known Issues page for Windows 10 2004, and at this point, none of the unresolved issue seem to be related to the a100's hardware/software (although, it entirely possible I missed some, hence this post).


Here's the strange part, I created a Windows 10 2004 installation on a VHDX so I could take advantage of VHDX Native Boot. I added the VHDX to the boot menu, and I was able to boot into Windows 10 2004 without any issues. I've been running Windows 10 2004 without a single issue for over 2 weeks now. During that time I have installed iCue, Corsair Diagnositcs, Asus & MSI utilities for the motherboard & graphics card, respecitively, Visual Studio, Office, games, etc., all without issue. I've also updated Windows several times (when originally release 2004 was @ build 19041.208; no it's @ 19041.388).


However, with all of that said, when I boot in the original Windows install that came on the computer (Windows 10 1909), I am still blocked from updating.

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