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Save Static Lighting and Performance to Device doesn't work


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I have the K68 RGB, latest firmware 3.4 (out of the box), latest icue software 3.31.81. I set static color on a profile, not touching anything else. There is an option to "Save Static Lighting and Performance to Device" I press it, nothing happens (confirmation etc). After a few seconds I exit the icue app from the taskbar, the rgb puke begins...

I specifically bought this because it is advertised as having on board memory (see the screenshot attached). I don't like RGB and I don't want to have bloatware in my computer just to be able to have a simple static light on my keyboard.

I tried so far:


- Installing/uninstalling, restarting.

- Installing older versions of the software. 2.xx doesn't even have that option and I dont see the "on board memory" tab I noticed on some older youtube videos. 1.xx doesn't even detect the keyboard.

- Other USB port


Is this some new firmware "feature" to force users into having icue on their computers? Will it go away if I downgrade my firmware?


Thanks in advance for any help.


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