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Installation Trouble [3.31.81]


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Hello all,

firstly I am terribly sorry if this has been asked previously, but I have not been able to find anything similar to my issue.



This morning I had reset my PC (Windows 10 Home) in order to clean out some discs and gain a "fresh-start" on my PC. To my delight all the installations were extremely easy and went rather seamlessly, except the iCUE one.


What happens:

When executing the .msi, the small installer-popup opens and promts me to install, I then am required to grant administrator permissions for the installation to continue. Then, I have the loading-circle next to my cursor and nothing further happens. When I check task-manager, however, the Corsair application is shown. It seems as though the GUI itself didn't render properly on my machine. I doubt it was a .NET issue since Win10 should have this preinstalled either way.


If any of you could help me, I'd be extremely grateful! :)

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What solved it for me was unplugging my mouse dongle for a couple of seconds.


And I personally think that I shouldn't have to do that.


So something is wrong when it comes to iCue at the moment.


But then again, I'm a beta tester for a lot of software and OS's. So it could something that's incompatible in my machine right now.


But that's pretty unlikely, as I haven't found anything else breaking software wise for a couple of weeks.

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