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K63 Can't pair with dongle

Patrik Cadieux

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Here is my problem :


I have for somewhat reason f...ed up something with my keyboard and it won't pair with the dongle. I can use it with bluetooth, but not wired or with the 2.4 GHZ dongle. I have tried the hard reset using the escape key while turned off, i have tried installing the firmware manually using the small button on the back of the keyboard... Anyways i have done merely everything i've read about re-pairing and it doesn't work. A lot of people said to use the pairing button in the ICUE panel but i don't see it anywhere. ICUE detects my keyboard but a lot of options are greyed out. It says i need to update to firmware 3.13, but when i do all the steps, the last step asking me to put the dongle back in won't work since the keyboard doesn't pair with it so it wont complete the firmware installation... I'm really lost here guys can you hjelp me out?

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