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Transparent/Opacity/Clear LED Settings


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Implement "CorsairClearLeds" in iCUE SDK

This would clear any colors set via the SDK and allow any colors from other layers to be seen.



Set iCue to "Static Color" - RED:



Using the SDK, set one LED to WHITE:



I now want to "move" the white LED (like the "Visor" effect), to:



But there is now way to "relinquish" control of the first LED back to iCUE without disconnecting and reconnecting.


This is my first post, so please help me out if it is:

A duplicate

Already supported

The wrong place for this post

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personally, I have not tested or endeavored this, but from the docs in the SDK, please see this section:


Multiple clients using the SDK at the same time SDK provides exclusive and shared access to SDK clients.

Exclusive access - lighting controlled only by client and not by CUE or other SDK clients. There can be only one exclusive client at a time.

If there is already an active exclusive client A and a new client B requests exclusive access to the lighting then client B becomes exclusive client

and client A loses exclusive control (ie “last win” strategy).

Shared access - multiple clients may control lighting at the same time, optionally choosing theirs layer priority from interval [0..255]. There can

be unlimited number of shared clients working simultaneously. If some client requests exclusive access then all other shared clients will not be able to override colors that were set by exclusive client. When exclusive client disconnects all shared clients can override colors again.

• CUE itself acts like a shared client with layer priority 127, so if there is a client taking over exclusive control then CUE will not try to override colors.

The default access mode is shared.


I gather that was in the vein of what you were asking?

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@intrueder, yes that's exactly the issue.


However it's more than just the Python SDK, the base SDK is here:



The reference is here:



I can't find anything in the reference that would allow what I need.


I'm basically asking for:







I'd have these be identical to the functions:


But replacing the argument:


With just:


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