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Hello everyone.


I've been using this mouse for less than half a year.


Recently it started having some issues.


The most obvious one is that the middle click stopped working.

You know, the one where you press the scroll wheel down, to open a new tab.

It seems fine mechanically, but 99 out of 100 times the action doesnt go through.


Also, the right click some times "skips" in games and doesnt "grab" properly.

This is obvious in MMOs such as WoW/GW2/FFXIV.


And today i noticed that the back/knuckle thumb-button has gotten soft/shallow on the click. And is hard to press properly.


Are you aware of any fixes, in case any of these is not hardware-related?

And foes the warranty cover such issues?


What's interesting is that the first two issues also appeared on my M65 mouse i had previously.

But it took like 2 years for them to appear.

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