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Firmware ECFM13.2 - MP510

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According to SSD Tool firmware release ECPM13.2 is available for my MP510.


I can't find anything about this version. Anybody know what the update addresses?


Also is this a "destructive" upgrade from ECPM13.1 and I would have to backup and restore all my data?



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Since no one here would answer my question I used the support contact form from the Corsair support page. Here's the reply:


Regarding your question:

"What changes are in this version over 13.1?"

If the SSD's write and read speed were too slow, the update fixes it. The speed update is the main difference. There is not detailed documentation about the FW differences, but the recommendation is that t can be updated in case of presenting unusual slow speeds.


Thank you for your question.


Have a good day!


Best Regards,


Carla Campos

Thank you for choosing Corsair.

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Is there anyone who has tried this and know if it works? Or has it bricked every computer that installed it and that is the reason for no reactions? I feel I will wait before I use it for my MP600 500GB, it is having writespeeds of around 1500Mb/sec at 61% filled, at 81% it was down at 500Mb/sec compared to the initial 4000Mb/sec.
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