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iCUE wont launch


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Hey there,


i read several threads already on how to go on about solving the problem of iCUE not booting and tried the described solutions, but to no avail.


Iam using a K70 RGB MK.2 Keyboard and wanted to use iCUE for that. My OS is Windows 10 64Bit Build 18363. Kaspersky Antivir is installed, but disabled.


Here is where iam at:

  • Uninstalled Zotac Firestorm as it may interfere with LED controlling?
  • Installed iCUE (3.30.97)
  • Uninstalled iCUE (+Roaming Appdata and Corsair Registry entries)
  • Removed all Keyboard entries from the hardware manager and rebooted
  • Reinstalled iCUE (still not launching)


I can see the program in the task manager for a short while (iCUE 32Bit) before it disappears. It never shows on my task bar.


Iam thankful for any ideas.

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Same issue here, with iCue 3.31.87

There are an exception with Qt5Core.dll when I launch iCue, and the service can't start.


I installed an older version of iCue (3.29) and that works, but I can't use the last version...

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