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K68 Keyboard starts typing letter C after or during gaming


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Hi, I have this very strange bug.


Whenever I play Fortnite or Warzone, all of a sudden the keyboard starts automatically typing the letter C. At that point I can no longer use windows, since the letter C is preventing me from everything, such as shortkeys, pressing the windows button, opening explorer, starting task manager, stopping processes. The only "solution" is to restart the system, only waiting for the problem to reoccur within 10 minutes...


What have I done already to try fix this:


1. Made sure it isn't hardware related. I checked and the button works fine. I'm typing as we speak on the keyboard (c-c-c-c-c-c-c) all goes well... The sensor is clean, no dirt or anything in it...works well mechanically...

2. Remove software & drivers, remove Corsair folder from appdata, cleaned registry with registry cleaning software (CCleaner) then Reinstall iCue software --> Didn't work!

3. (Forced) Update firmware version in iCue --> Didn't work!

4. Hardware reset the keyboard (Remove keyboard from USB, press Esc button, plug it in, waitt for 5-10-15 seconds then release, the keyboard flashes, but prob,em still occurs --> Didn't work

5. Try keyboard on other PC(s) --> Didn't work

6. Try keyboard on different USB port(s) --> Didn't work

7. Using the keyboard without ICue software installed or active --> Didn't work


I feel I am now out of options... PLEASE HELP ME!!


8. I submitted a ticket to Corsair 4-5 weeks ago, haven't heared anything...


When I google, I am shocked to see how many people have similar problems with Corsair keyboards. The messages go back to 2012 !!!!!

However, there was never an official confirmation, this is a known problem for Corsair, nor have they ever fixed anything in their patches... I also can't find any proposed solution by community members that provided a definitive solution... :[pouts:


What can i do, except abandoning Corsair for life and buying a keyboard from another brand that works??? :eek:

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