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SP2500 High Frequency Range Sounds Muddy


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Hey all, first time posting here.


A few years back I bought a pair of SP2500's, and loved them. Then during a move I lost the control pod and hadn't been able to source a new one until last week.


Unfortunately, it seems like something broke over the years and now the highs sound muddy on both speakers. Almost like someone is covering the tweeter. I have another speaker set up connected to my computer to test and the highs are definitely washed out. The mids and lower frequencies are perfect and the problem persists no matter what input I use, or what source the audio comes from.


These are the best computer speakers I've ever owned and would love to get them back in working order, even if that means soldering resistors or something similar.


Does anyone have an idea of what may have caused this and how I could fix it?

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