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Sync two nodes, apply settings across user accounts


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So I've been building my own PCs for a while now, but only recently got into the RGB craze. My current build has 9 Corsair QL120s, connected to two nodes that came with the fans.

Questions are as follows:


#1: Is it possible to have the lighting effects applied across multiple user accounts on one PC? For example, when I set up a lighting profile on my account, it does not activate when anyone else is logged in. Is there a way to get the lighting profile to apply when someone else logs in?


#2: How can I get custom lighting effects to sync across multiple nodes? I set up a cool custom effect on lighting node 1, then copied it to lighting node two, however I can see no way to sync the timings so that all 9 fans do the same thing at the same time. They are out of sync.


#3: Is there any plans by Corsair to add Infinity to the Lightning Link modes so I can have that cool snaking effect go across all 9 fans instead of just one per node?


Thanks for having me guys, and I really love the QLs and software, such a smoother and more user-friendly experience than TT RGB Plus.


EDIT: OK for question 2, I logged out of my windows account and logged back in, restarted ICUE and the nodes are syncing my custom profile. Nice...

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