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Corsair Cool : CPU Change & Draining Question


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Hey guys,


Just wondering that if the CPU needs to be changed and the system is filled, does one need to drain the system to change the CPU or can one just remove the CPU block, replace CPU and the reinstall the CPU block with the system filled?


If the system needs to be drained, how does one go about doing this as I can't find any information about this in the manual at all.


Cheers guys



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You can just take off the CPU block, change the CPU, and reinstall the CPU block without having to drain the system.


If you wanted to move the system to another computer or add additional GPU/NB blocks you would have to drain most or all the fluid from the system. To drain the system I would suggest pulling the pump from the system and draining the system from the tubing attached to the pump. That is generally the lowest point in the system.

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Hey buddy,


Cheers for the reply, I really appreciate it.


Really glad to hear that a CPU change doesn't require drainage of the system :laughing:


Anyway, I did a CPU change yesterday by just removing the CPU block, installing a new CPU and then reinstalling the CPU block - All went swimmingly well so cheers :D:


About the drainage, cheers for the advice and I shall bear that in mind should the need arise to drain the system.


Can I just ask you a few more things please?


1. When the system is drained, can the same fluid which is drained from the system be re-used to fill the system again?


2. Following successful installation during which I did purge air from the system by tilting the pump as instructed in the manual, I am noticing the noise of trapped air every few minutes and the noise of the system increasing for a second when this happens as if it is trying to pass this trapped air through the system. I am not sure though if the noise is coming from the reservoir or the pump.


Without draining the system, is there any other way to get rid of this trapped air or is the noise I described happening for some other reason?


Cheers again :laughing:

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1) yes if you thinks is well for reuse (compare colour of new PG)


NOTE res is sealed (non leak not vented)


part list

plastic bag big enough to cover side an over lap case like a tent


old towels

premix PG

syringe with needle like those ink refill kits

electic tape


for changing WB best, have the case on its right side(MB underside bottom) get a large garbage bag big enough to cover the whole side an over lap the sides of case, remove WB from cpu


now in the center of plastic bag push pen through it then push a corner of WB in hole all the way posible now with tape plastic to the hoses like a tent center pole(4" above case), then reset plastic to cover case an get a old cloth to wrap around hoses like a funnel an tape to each hose


now remove hose's from old cpu, have a mate hold hoses above case so not to drain them while you work

install one hose from the pump on new WB now get the syringe filled with PG an stick it in the upper port(ceiling)squirt till full while the connected hose(floor) is lower, then do the same with the last hose mate holding then connect last hose that goes to the res


then clean up reinstall WB your done


this is the best way to minumize air in system

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Hey buddy,


Cheers for the reply and advice, really appreciate it.


Firstly, sorry for the n00b question, but what is PG?


As for my second question, cheers for the detailed instructions, they rock :D:


I filled the reservoir a little more and that noise has stopped so that was nice and easy to fix - I only needed to add 20ml more so it was alright.


Just wondering that will Corsair be selling spares for the COOL? For example hose clamps, the foam pad that the pump sits on (for case changes!) and so on.


Cheers buddy :laughing:



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