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H100i RGB Pro XT - Both Fans Stuck at Max Speed


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Hi, after a little bit of help!


Installed cooler a few weeks ago, been working fine, left my PC on overnight, woke up this morning to the fans running at full speed


Tried changing fan speed in iCUE - nothing it only allows me to change pump speed.


Tried changing fan speed in bios (enable and disabling q-fan control).


Tried uninstalling iCUE and using Asus AI Suite - nothing.


Searching the forums most people either have one fan stop responding or their temperatures are too high, but my temps are fantastic. iCUE shows coolant temp around 24 Celcius and CPU idles around 26-30.


Any ideas? Has the cooler controller given up the ghost after such a short space of time?


The good news is its keeping my system super cool... the bad news is I think I might need to install ear muffs.

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