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Corsair Force MP600 not detected


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Hi, on my new ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII with a Ryzen 3950X CPU I have installed one MP600 on the M.2_2 slot and it was detected and I was able to install Windows 10. I then added another MP600 in the M.2_1 slot for storage. At that point the system didn' t boot and the two MP600 disappeared from the BIOSwhich is the lastest release available. I removed the new NVME but even the first one stopped from being detected. I swapped the slots, I cleared the CMOS, I changed BIOS settings without success. I then tried an old Samsung NVME that was detected without any problems. I tested the two new Corsair MP600 on another PC and they weren't detected in the BIOS. I've been reading posts of users having the same problem with the MP600 drives, mainly on Asus X570 motherboards, but also on other manufacturer ones. I now have two new drives that are undetectables. Can someone help me? Thank you.
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