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Corsair HS70 wireless headset, unavailable on ICUE


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Recently my HS70 Wireless headset has been ‘wirebound’ Meaning that it turns itself off if not plugged into the computer, however on ICUE when I check the battery charge it says 100% charged, when I unplug the headset it proceeds to work for 5 seconds then powers off saying the device is ‘unavailable’ with a caution sign.


Solutions I have tried.

I have unplugged the wireless receiver and tried it again on the same device in a different port which didn’t work.

I have fully uninstalled and reinstalled ICUE, checked the drivers were up to date and still didn’t work.


Possible causes for concern.

The issue came up soon after a windows update, this may of changed some settings surrounding the compatibility of the device however I have rechecked if the device is the correct settings and all seems correct however the headset still won’t wirelessly connect.

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