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iCUE and game controller Steam lockups


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I have a K65 tenkeyless RGB keyboard, and the latest firmware v3.08, and the latest iCUE software v. 3.30.97.


I am having the same issue outlined in the following older posts:







Steam will lock up due to the inability to communicate with my Xbox one controller. The problem is apparently not limited to Steam, though I do not use anything else that I would experience it in. It seems as without the iCue software this issue does not exist. All of the above posts are fairly old, and some claim a fix would be incoming, but I see nothing recent indicating that.


Is this really still a problem after all of these years? I could not find any current post, or anything mentioning a true fix.

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So I found a more recently commented on thread with the same issue:




Unbelievable this has gone so many years without a fix... a gaming keyboard that locks up gaming platforms when you have it plugged in....


If I can't find any better update on this problem, I will be returning the keyboard and avoiding Corsair products in the future.


I found this amusing in one of those threads:


What fixed the issue for me was unplugging it, going in my workshop room, smashing it with a hammer and then leaving the device (or what was left of it)where it belonged in the first place, the trash can. I know it's not a very environmental friendly approach but I could not see any other way to fix it. Thankfully you can find better keyboards from other brands for the same price range and they will work without this dumb issues. What a joke of a company, wasted £50 on this PoS. I will make sure that every one that I know that is interested in gaming pc hardware avoids this brand as hard as I can. Not only I will not give them any money, I will actively do as much as I can to prevent other people giving you any money whatsoever. Glad I got free of the problem. I would advise anyone with this issue to seek for a refund and buy a kb from any other company.


Corsair take note!

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