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Surround doesn't work every time I turn on the PC [Since the last update]


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I had no problems with this before and I have already 1 year with these headphones [Void Pro RGB Wireless], but since the last update of ICUE [3.30.97 release] it does not work correctly, every time I turn on the PC the surround sound is off and it is not possible to turn it on although go to the ICUE software and turn it on it keeps sounding like it's off nothing changes.


Neither does changing it manually by pressing the volume button on the headphones work.


Although, I have managed to find a temporary solution, what I do is go to the devices in windows and remove it, then I physically disconnect it and reconnect it and it already works correctly but when I restart the PC the same thing happens again.


I have tried to reinstall ICUE completely, also use the repair option, completely delete ICUE files with RevoUninstaller and reinstall again, but nothing changes.


I hope you can help me

Thanks in advance for reading the post


Edit: I have also been using an audio software for almost 2 months called VoiceMeeter, I mention it but I do not think it has interfered, anyway I currently have it disabled and everything is configured by default

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