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H100i Platinum RGB fan speed stuck at 380 RPM


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Hello guys !

i'm new here


i have some problem with my H100i Platinum fan speed. its stuck at 380 RPM and still stuck while i already changed the profile into other profile, like Quiet, Balanced, Extreme.


I will attach screen shoot for inform my settings at Icue


hope you guys can help me


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Something's not right there.. the fan curve is properly applied and Balanced should not run ~400 rpm except maybe around 20C coolant.


Two things you can try:


1) Go to the Performance tab and click + to create a custom "cooling mode". This is a user definable curve. A graph will appear at the bottom. In the top right corner of the graph are three shape tools that match the presets. Click the middle one. You now have a "Balanced" fan curve where you can see the point. Don't forget to click both fans after selecting the new cooling mode. They should all be yellow when they are applied. The pump runs low/med/high from those three presets and can stay on Balanced. Do the fans immediately change speed when you apply the new curve? Are they following it at all?



2) Repair install of iCUE. Go to Windows Settings -> Apps and then left click on Corsair iCUE. Select Modify and follow the directions for the repair install. This is a general clean up of files and will not erase your settings or profiles.




Are you running any other monitoring software? HWiNFO, HWMon, AIDA? These can all cause false readings or occasionally actual loss of control as they fight over device access.

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Thank you c-attack for your response !


i already try 2 steps that you already suggest it, but still not fix


1) the fans not following my settings curve

2) already do this 2-3 times


and now finally it fix

i found some article and told me to check my firmware version H100i RGB Platinum.

also they said if the apps shown already up to date, just click update by own self. because sometimes it's not updated yet


maybe some people have some problem like me , you can try this step

1. Open Corsair Icue

2. Click settings, and choose your hardware.

3. After that, there will be shown Firmware Version v*.**.**

4. You will see button Update beside that version, click it

5. Wait until update finish


Source : https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1173296-corsair-h100i-rgb-platinum-fan-speed-problems/


this step is work for me, hopefully work for you guys too

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