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Commander Pro Question?

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Just wondering if I should do an RMA for my commander pro.


It works great, but I have noticed the CPU temps are very different from using HWMonitor.



Ran CPU Ryzen Master and the temps show 42.5C temp while HWMonitor reads the same temps as Ryzen Master.


But when I check the Corsair XD5 pump, it shows the temps as being in the low 30's.



That just doesn't seem right a 10 degree drop or up, does anyone think that have a bad controller?

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ooo the evil sales push :p


sales push?.. OP isnt buying anything.. he was talking about RMA'ing the one he owns......


to add.. save any assumptions....


you know i am just a user like your self right?, just stating what can and can't be done buddy ;)

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I meant it for Corsair like unlocking readings only if you buy a CoPro, but...

brainfart.. you don't need the reading if you have no corsair fan controller ^^'

It's only monday..


The readings are still available on the Dashboard. There's no "unlocking" them.

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