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can't control LED on vengeance white LED


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i recently reconfigured an old system in a new case. generally super happy with the results, but the new case has a side panel window, and it's driving me bonkers that each of my 4 DIMMs is pulsing white slightly out of sync with each other.


i installed the corsair iCUE software and it didn't seem to recognize them correctly. uninstalled that and installed corsair link and they are recognized, their color state appears to be shown (even pulsing in the app) but changes have no effect.


in the app, it shows solid white after change, but the memory itself flashes just the same.


i uninstalled everything related, including NZXT cam, rebooted, reinstalled cue, and the result is the same. all four DIMMs correctly recognized, but when i change them, nada. still pulsing.


they are CMU64GX4M4C3200C16. motherboard is an asus x99 extreme ii, i7-6850k. thanks in advance for any help, this is very annoying!

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