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Corsair Hydro H100i problems


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Hi all


Recently I bought a new Ryzen 5 3600 + new mobo and I got some problems with fans of my H100i series, really they are loud so loud!!. I got a good temps when my CPU stay in IDLE/navegating mode and de noise of fans are really good or normal for that moment. The problem of noise, it make very loud noise when I play games. That fans make a high noise!. :[pouts:


How can I fix that loud sound of my H100i fans. Somebody know what happens or what can I do? :confused:


I think I read this I don't know if it's true but users can control/modify the curve of fans from ICUE but the ICUE not recognize my H100i fans and I can't modify anything.


Many thanks I attach some images of temps or other info from HWinfo and ICUE.




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