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AX1200i Random shutdown, Red light


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Soo I got an AX1200i long time ago and it worked great, then after a few months it started to give the typical issue of the red light and random shutdowns, so I got a replacement from amazon. The 2nd unit had the same issue or even worse, it wouldn't turn on again. I returned the 2nd one and got a ROG Thor 1200W and it had no issues but I didn't liked it that much, so I returned it and again I wanted the AX1200i badly, so I bought it. And here I am with the 3rd unit and the same issue.


I tried setting a manual fan speed, changing between Single or multi rail modes, and many more fixes that people suggested here in the forums or google.


What should i do? There is a fix for this? Return it and get a HX1200i, as i heard they don't have this issue?

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