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Unable to install iCue at all


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Like a fool, forgetting the issues I had getting it to install last year, I hit the update button.


The installer hung at 65%.


Killing the process in task manager, left windows installer service running, and not able to be stopped. It also wouldn't allow the machine to reboot. Only a hard reset would regain access to the system.

This left a half installed application, which did not appear in the Windows Control panel. The only way to uninstall it was to boot to safe mode, then use Regedit.


I tried again. This time the installer recognised my peripherals and popped up another download/update box. I tried that method as well. The installer hung at 65%


Another hard reset, and this time I ensured that all other drivers were updated, and that all non-essential hardware was unplugged. (2nd SSD and optical)


Installer hangs at 65%


I tried an old version of CUE that I have previously had success with. Installer hung.


By this time the only way I can get the headphones to work at all, was to recover from a back up (April) and allow Windows to install it's own drivers.


So now I have a functioning but only Stereo head set, and the profile I saved to the keyboard and the mouse just is stuck at default.


Any suggestions ? I've emailed support but no response.

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