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ST100 Headset Stand - Default RGB to Off when locked


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Hi guys,


Just took delivery of my ST-100 Headset stand last week and I do love it. Minor niggle with All White not showing as All White, but that's in a different thread that someone else has picked up.


I do understand that the ST-100 has no onboard memory and thus cannot store hardware profiles. What I have noticed is that when I lock my PC and walk away for the day, the ST-100 RGB show ignores the Profile I have set and drops back to Spiral Rainbow as a default. I really would like the stand to turn off in this scenario and have no lights. At the moment I can achieve this only by unplugging the USB cable when I leave. Shutting down the PC is not an option, this is my work laptop at home and I need to leave my current State of Play active so I can return to it the next day. Hibernation is also not an option for VPN related issues so I really do want locking the screen to be the trigger for what I want.


Any tips !

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