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I grew up on the mx518 - the original with 1800 max dpi.


I saw the corsair nightsword on instagram and it looked amazing.


It felt wrong in my hand. I didn't know why until I realized that the width of the mouse was too wide for my hand. My hand falls perfectly around a mx518. The hand can rest on the mold of the mouse. The nightsword has a bulge on the thumb side that doesn't allow my hand to rest. This causes fatigue and discomfort in my hand. The mouse comes with weights but I found it a bit heavy empty. The mx518 comes in at 100g so maybe I just need to get used to it.


I found the sniper button hard to activate and maintain control of the mouse at the same time. I switch sniper button to the keyboard.


I also found the right button activated too easy and I was frequently activating the right button. I fixed this by folding a post it note and sliding it in the crevice...this also fixed another problem. The post it note protruded out an inch and provided a ledge for my ring finger to rest on. This was a happy accident. I have the new mx518 now and I also lazy click the right mouse button but it is alot less ...though I will post it note this mouse as well. The mx518 provides has a black trim part that allow me to rest my finger on the black part ..this is not the case with the nightsword.. the right button wraps around and doesn't allow a place for my fingers to rest...in a car the left foot is given a dead pedal which allow you a place to rest the left foot.. the nightsword has no dead pedal. This is where the postit note dampens the button from activating and also gives a rest for the fingers.


It would be nice if in the future a plastic clip could be provided which would slide over the tip of the right mouse button...like a fake nail is slide over a nail....but only the front tip part....this gives my right button finger a ledge to rest on ...then I have to move my finger back an inch to purposefully press the button instead of "lazy clicking" the right button menu...


perhaps in the future a glove with magnets can connect to a metal spine of the mouse and the magnets can help hold the mouse for you instead of relying solely on the hand. ( I'm just making this part up though...could surely be rubbish)


I didn't spend too much time with trying to modify the light settings of the RGB. When I did try... I failed to get the profiles to save and restart with computer restarts.


I now realize that the hand is like the foot and has length and width and those have to be considered with buying a mouse. I need to know what the hand width of the mouse is... when I look at the specs ..it includes the widest part but that isn't where my hands touch. I need to know the width where my thumb touches on the side to where the ring finger rests on the right edge. So hand width vs product width.


I assume the Corsair Harpoon model series is Corsair's answer to the LG mx518. I got the steel series rival 3 which I think mimicks as well but the 77g was too light for my hand.


If I had a way to reduce the width of the nightsword ...I could have kept the mouse but I returned it.


I'll need to keep my eyes open and keep trying out different mice.

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