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Unable to Get Corsair Fans to Sync With oCue


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Howdy everyone! This is a repost, I believe I originally put this in the improper subforum.


I'm having some trouble with getting my RGB to function properly; I've reviewed Zetty's Corsair RGB Hardware Guide, as well as the guide specific to my case (570X). But, I still cannot get my RGB to function properly.


Currently, I have the following setup:


Commander Pro:

LED 1: RGB Hub #1

LED 2: RGB Hub #2

FAN 1: SP120 Pro (Fan 1)

FAN 2: SP120 Pro (Fan 2)

FAN 3: SP120 Pro (Fan 3)

USB 1: H100i Platinum RGB


RGB Hub #1 (all three fans are on the front of my case):

Slot 1: SP120 Pro (Fan 1)

Slot 2: SP120 Pro (Fan 2)

Slot 3: SP120 Pro (Fan 3)


RGB Hub #2 (this single fan is in the rear):

Slot 1: ML120 Pro RGB (Fan 4)



In iCue, the following items are seen and work:


H100i Platinum: The AIO and the two fans are both seen; however, only the AIO and the aft fan can be changed; the front fan remains white no matter what.


Vengeance RGB Pro: Not necessarily applicable, but I can change the color just fine here.


Commander Pro: Fan 1, 2, and 3 performance is seen (all my front fans). For Lighting Setup, I have "Lighting Channel 1" set to three SP RGB Pro Series fans connected; "Lighting Channel 2" set to one ML Pro RGB Series Fan connected.


My rear ML fan's LEDs work perfectly! Obviously I don't see any performance because I don't have it plugged into FAN 4 on the Commander Pro, but that's not the big issue here.

HOWEVER: none of my three, front, SP fans will light up! They all work, but none of them have LED functionality.


Can anyone help me out?

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The RGB Lighting Hub that is powering the three SP120-PRO... where did it come from? Is the one that came with your 570X case? Presumably it was working before with the older SP-RGB? Try the standard troubleshooting of swapping the fans to a different order on the hub. 2-> 1, 3->2, 1->3, etc. They are serial so if fan #1 has an issue, the lighting will stop there.


Same on the Platinum, swap the two fan RGB connectors and see if the problem stays on the forward fan or switches to the rear fan. If it switches, it may be related to the wiring or internal lighting controller on the cooler. You do have another option for that. If you move the RGB lighting cables (only) from the two rad fans, you can sequence those with the other ML on hub #2. Same rule 1-3. That might be preferential anyway since it would make those three fans act like one programmable unit vs 2 on the cooler, 1 on the rear, 3 up front, + pump ring.

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