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Ongoing issues with AXi PSU (Link USB dongle)

Citizen Crazed

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Hi all, so, first of all, thanks Corsair peeps for fixing the problem with alternate polling of the power input/power output values (and associated screwy PSU efficiency readings) back around build 3.22. However, there are still a couple of chronic issues running iCue with these power supplies and it'd be great to see them looked at.


Yes we know these PSUs have a slightly chequered history, but you sold a stack of these things at premium prices with long warranties. And some of us have actually had a trouble-free experience and think they're great (my 860i has been rock solid since day one, and I've put a good dozen into systems I've built over the years and haven't heard a peep back). Incorporating support for new products into iCue is great but it'd be nice to see existing stuff work properly too.



PSU control/monitoring failure after resume from S3/S4


iCue has been on release how long and this is still a really annoying problem. There are a number of threads on here about this and no apparent cure, and no workaround that isn't either a bit (or quite a lot) of a pest.


Expected behaviour: Place system into S3/S4 and then resume. iCue should continue to receive and display/log performance data from the PSU - and silently re-apply any selected fan profile without further user intervention.


How to reproduce: Put system into S3/S4 then resume. USB dongle now shows constant green LED (no flashing red indicating polling). PSU fan profile reverts to default, and iCue no longer receives live information from the PSU. All logs/graphs in the dashboard 'flatline' with whatever values were last entered prior to suspend/hibernate:





The only solutions to this problem are either warm rebooting the machine, or physically disconnecting and reconnecting the Corsair dongle from/to the mainboard (and then manually removing and re-applying the fan profile). All of which is a pest given its intention to be connected to an internal USB header. Restarting the iCue service isn't a solution - it simply makes the AXi PSU disappear from the UI completely.


This has been referred to across a number of threads by other users. I've seen it on four or five different hardware configurations - and is *not* a hardware limitation of the USB dongle. Changing USB controllers or using an internal USB hub doesn't fix it, nor does (on Asus boards) disabling Fast Boot. Corsair Link has no problem resuming from S3/S4 and maintaining contact with the AXi correctly on exactly the same hardware. Why can't iCue do the same?


Disappearing Data Channels


One of the big selling points of these PSUs was the ability to monitor and control the individual power rails - and the use I put my system to, I find this a really handy feature. Corsair Link allows that - and so does iCue, but only sometimes:




^ That iteration of the 860i dashboard pane is showing the current consumption on the individual rails as well as the input voltage. However I can't consistently see *that* version. More often than not I only see the version in the 'flatline' screengrab above (i.e. with only eight data channels instead of 23). Why?


I can - inconsistently- get the "full" 23 parameter version of the panel to display by uninstalling iCue (and Link), reinstalling Link and then reinstalling iCue while Link is running. However, the next time I update iCue, all the current consumption parameters disappear again. Why's this happening - and why aren't all the available data channels being displayed within iCue by default?


Maybe most people don't worry about that stuff - but I like it as I use my main system for embedded hardware development and seeing the power usage on the 5v and 12v rails in real time gives me a ballpark idea how much power the device I just switched on is using - without having to plug a dedicated meter in. @CorsairJames/@DevBiker - is there anything being done to try and fix these?


Also, not on the subject of the PSUs, but memory. James, you mentioned a while ago that monitoring the temperature of Dominator Platinum DRAM inside iCue was possibly on the agenda. Is there any movement on this?

Again this is something that Link could do (as can third party monitoring software) - it seems daft that iCue still can't. Having it there would also allow DRAM temp to feed into fan control - which would be neat.


Thanks for reading folks - and for any updates. :biggrin:

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The loss of fan control after sleep is an old issue and it seems hardware limited on the dongle end. There is no solution I know of aside from restart or re-connect. I got tired of it and ran a USB A cable out the back for faster resolution.


You should have Dominator temp control as a sensor choice if your Dominators are temp capable. Not all of them are. You would also need a Commander Pro to get something out of that.

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c-attack, I was wondering if you would 'contribute' - the middle part of my post was intended to head you off. With all due respect, if you can't be bothered reading posts before replying to them, don't bother.


I'm well aware that this is an "old issue" - I referred this above. You have further been told by numerous other posters that this is *not* a "hardware limitation with the dongle" and there is plenty enough information in my post (let alone prior threads) to make this obvious.


If this was a hardware limitation, Corsair Link wouldn't continue to work successfully after a resume from standby or hibernate, but it does, and always has. The dongle (and its driver) is capable of resuming gracefully from sleep/hibernation. Period. Stop repeating this falsehood.

This issue is specific to iCue failing to do something that the older Corsair software suite does do viz reinitialising the dongle after resume. As has been made abundantly clear to you in the multiple prior threads on this subject.


Also your final comment regarding the Dominator DRAM is a load more wasted words and again seems to demonstrate that you have difficulty reading posts before replying. As I said, the RAM *is* capable of reporting temperature - and does so in Link, MBM, HWInfo and other utilities. And James has previously confirmed that this was something that was missing from iCue that they would consider adding.


Again, if you can't be bothered reading - or understanding problems, with the greatest of respect, don't hit Reply, as your posts - especially the way you say the same stuff over and over even though you're presented evidence that it's wrong, isn't helpful, and makes you come across as some sort of weirdly calibrated troll.


Now, anyone got anything constructive to add? :)

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There are lot of things I can't be bothered with. Unwarranted rudeness is near the top of the list. There is nothing respectful or constructive about your reply.


You only have the half the information you need to make these sweeping conclusions and you gone the wrong direction by assuming your experience is the same for everyone across all hardware or that general information in multi-year old posts are still valid specifically for you.


I'm not sure why you think you know me. We've never had a conversation and you seem to be assigning some blame to me for your 'misfortunes'. This is a User's Forum, so the probability of a response is largely based on your demeanor. You appear to be an ******* and most people know not to bother responding. I am sure people call you this frequently, but as mentioned this is the first conversation we've ever had. Now I know too.


Corsair Support can be accessed through the Ticket System link at the top of the page. Perhaps they will be more persuaded by your belligerence. I am going to go set some fan curves to run off my Dominator Platinum temps, just for fun.

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Lol, there was nothing constructive about your response, which is why you got what you did - including detailed responses/rebuttals to everything you said. There's also plenty enough information for you to be aware that my experience is based on far more than just one system -as you explicitly acknowledged by originally claiming that this is an 'old problem'. You can't have it both ways.


Not reading posts thoroughly is a thing for you isn't it? Now, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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