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Ram Selection Asus Maximus XII Hero.


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Hey guys,


Which Ram should I go for? Gaming, and Multi-tasking. I enjoy fast ram access and long for the days of Cas 10 and below ram.


System Requirements are:


32Gigs of Ram (as 16 is just barely holding it now).

2 dimm slots or 4 if it is better.


I was told that with fast ram speeds (above 3800mhz), cas latency isnt as much of a problem. But I also am aware of high speeds not booting. So you can assist me with selection of ram for this mother board, please and thank you.



I9 10900KF Processor

Asus Maximus XII Hero (Lga1200 rog board)

2x16gb (method preferred), as I think having 2 ram chips is better than 4?




Memory on QVL:









yes willing to let intel XMP overclock, plan to run CPU at 5.1 to 5.3GHZ all day long. Bought the Corsair 360mm radiator.


Also side note, im having trouble sourcing and buying the ram on the QVL. Any help in this area would be appreciated. Thx

I prefer Dominator and Micron IC's when they're available.


Update: been looking at ram, and shooting for 3600-4000mhz ram now. What ram size is most favored? 64gig? I thought higher density would have more problems, maybe im wrong.

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