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Got a H100i Pro XT but i have no usb 2.0 header left


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Hi guys, i've bought a H100i Pro XT and i am waiting for it to arrive. Sadly my motherboard (itx) has only 1 usb 2.0 header that i am already using. I've seen that the H100i Pro XT has a usb 2.0 connector too.


My question is: The Watercooler will work just fine without the usb connected? Also, which color will be standard for the pump without the usb to control it? Can i change the color somehow without the usb connected?


I dont want to buy another solution to add another 2.0 header to the motherboard. Where i live options are very limited, the nzxt usb hub is not available and the commander pro is extremely expensive here.


So, would it be good enough to use the h100i pro xt without the usb or i really need to buy another cooling solution and send it back?

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