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icue not linking MS edge to Profile


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I could be totally wrong, and this is not a solution, but I think it is because Edge was an "App" of the windows store style, XAML and those tend to have names (as seen by things like WinSpy, or Spy++ generally the windows api's tools like getactivewindow) when they look at the windows store style apps (this started as far back as windows 8), they don't maintain the file name in the process name or class name or something like that. Worse yet I am not sure it is all that consistent. So I assume icue is looking for "edge.exe" and what is in the process list might be like edge.exe.1245dv223x-2004 or whatever and it isn't wild carding.


Better process matching or wildcarding, or even group addition for profile linking would be a great feature addition. I am not sure there is a great solution but if it works for you, the new edge chromium seems pretty solid and replaces edge without loosing old IE11 for backwards compatibility. Edge chromium ought to be able to title match properly and work seamlessly with icue

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