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No Explorer AutoRefresh with iCUE running


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i just found out, that my Win10 2004 has big issues with Desktop/Explorer auto refresh while iCUE is running.


When iCUE autostartup is disabled, windows is working fine.


Is this a known issue?


To reproduce this, you just need to create a new folder on your desktop.

In my case, this folder only appears after i force a refresh by rightclick on desktop and click refresh.


Very annonying bug.. and i'm 99% sure its related to iCUE.

Running latest Version: 3.30.89


Anyone else experiencing this behaviour?

Any ideas how to fix this?


Edit: Just found out, this issue only appears after opening the iCUE program. Means you can start icue with windows. But don´t open it.


Please fix this, corsair :[pouts:

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