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ICUE not finding Commander Pro after AIO install


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Hi All,


Any help would be appreciated. Last night in installed a H150i RGB PRO XT, which shows up and works great, this all went fine and was added to an existing build and the Commander was working before this. I have 4 120mm ML fans and 2 140mm ML fans, again all working fine before hand. These were installed in my 500D case with the commander pre-installed. All cables and mounting points are secure and have been checked many time and moved around to check for faulty headers and sata sockets. Nothing in this regard seems to work.


I have observed that the commander pro light flashes twice and then goes off. i cannot remember is this is normal. I have checked for the device with the USBdeview and i cannot find it there anymore. But if i enable hidden devices in the ICUE software i can see its working in the background and is greyed out and i cannot interact with it. I have re-installed icue and forced an update too. I am at a loss with what to try and any help would be great.


attached are my logs


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