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Issue with ICUE


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Hello folks,


Just registered on this forum hoping to get a solution to my issue. It started out of nowhere a while back. At random, usually when not using it (when gaming with a gamepad mostly) my keyboard (K70 MK.2) will just freeze. Simple as that, no reaction, nothing. Reinstalling ICUE kinda solved the issue but after a while it starts doing the same. I reinstalled Windows, forced a firmware update, reinstalled ICUE but nothing will fix this, at best it will go for a little longer before freezing.


After trying various things (less "demanding" light effects, the usb power saving option in Windows, etc) I discovered that when I remove ICUE completely, the keyboard seems to work just fine. Used it almost for an entire day, did more or less the same things and it never froze once.


So given I've reinstalled everything and the only issue seems to be with ICUE I start to wonder if something went wrong with it in the last couple of updates. My issues started out of nowhere a couple of months ago. While playing AC: Odyssey the keyboard stopped working. I thought maybe it was because of the game, or the system kinda overheating (overheating meaning just slightly hot air coming out of the case, my temps are still under 60C for the most part), but nope. Maybe it was changing parts on my build (went from a gen4 i5 to Ryzen 3700x along with a new motherboard and Ram) but I haven't discovered anything that could affect the keyboard (also it worked for quite some time even with the new build).


So at this point it's either a Windows 10 update issue (the last major one I think was around that time), or an ICUE update. I've seen quite a few people have similar issues, but no solution. Maybe I will try the older software Corsair had before ICUE (if that still works) and try it with that.

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