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Thank you.


Trying to figure out these fans is a pain.


I have 3 QL RGB 120's on the front of my case.

2 QL RGB 120's running push/pull through my AIO on the front of my case.

2 QL RGB 140's on the top of my case and a QL RGB 120 on the rear.


The fact that I can't get a 360mm Corsair AIO in white has messed up my plans for this build. I'm forced to use a 2 fan AIO from Corsair and it looks terrible because of the size.


I'm seriously considering going with a different company for my AIO so I can get what I need. I just don't want to have to use a different software to run it. I like using all Corsair hardware for my RGB.


If I knew how to disassemble my AIO without ruining it, I'd buy an aftermarket 360mm radiator, have it painted white and install it on the Corsair AIO that I have.


I never knew building a computer could give a person brain damage! :laughing:

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^^ Definitely.

Even if you have a hand drawn mess that you scan and upload, we won't judge and guide you where you need to be. ;)



Here's the lay out. The 5 fans on the AIO will be replaced with QL's tomorrow. I ordered the wrong ones originally and am waiting on replacements.



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