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I think my memory is bad.


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I bought 1GB (2x512MB) sticks of value select memory (VS512MB400, lot 0444018-0) from zipzoomfly.com in November. I assembled my system and installed the RAM. Worked great until about 3 weeks ago when I started having "weird" behavior on the machine (some software would not install properly). After much searching and trying different diagnostic programs (for HDD, DVD, etc.), I finally stumbled across the Windows memory test program lastnight. I put on a floppy a rebooted the machine. The tester identified one of my modules as bad. I removed the "bad" stick and passed the memory test at boot up, and then when I booted to XP the "weird" behavior was gone.


zipzoomfly's policy requires that I go directly to the manufacturer if the problem occurs more than 30 days after shipping.



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