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Void Pro Wireless - Constant Disconnecting ONLY when Mic is Down


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About ready to throw this thing away, but figured I'd ask before I do it.


In the past 2 months my 2 year old Void Pro Wireless headset has been constantly disconnecting and reconnecting (beep... BEEP beep... beep... BEEP beep..). God if I didn't turn off Voice I'd have that voice in my ear all night long.


I don't actually LOSE the connection even though iCue tells me I do. I can tell you a whole story on Discord and hear you the entire time and the mic works the entire time. It just beeps constantly and disconnects and reconnects. Over and over again. All day long. Beep, beep beep.


I put the Mic up in the silence mode and it works fine, no beeping. I put it down and it either works fine for 5 mintues, or just beeps endlessly with iCue showing CONNECTED and then DISCONNECTED even though the people on Discord can hear me constantly through out.


I'd be fine if I could disable the beeps, but I can't seem to do that.


Yes, fully updated iCue and fully update firmware. Yes, the headphones are fully charged. My Corsair headphone dongle is in the same slot it's always been for 2 years, at the same distance. Nothing has changed on my Windows 10 machine in the past 6 months.


Please convince me not to throw this thing away and get a competitor.

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