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QL140mm Fan connecting RGB?


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Hey peeps,


The other week I decided to give a bit of a bigger hug to RGB and decided to add a few things to my build, which at the time was:


Phanteks 719 (Luxe2) Case

EVGA x299 Dark Mobo

Intel 7900X (With Corsair HydroX water block)

16gb (4x4gb) TeamGroup Memory

EVGA 2080ti XC Ultra (With Corsair HydroX water block)

480mm Radiator (No RGB, fans aren't very visible at the front of the case)

Corsair RGB D5 pump


The RGB (Pump and 2 Blocks) and 5 fans are all hooked up to the Commander Pro. The Commander Pro has 2 RGB Channels and with the RGB items I had all daisy chaining I was only using one channel.


So I decided to switch out my rear exhaust fan for a QL140 and I wanted to replace my ram with some RGB ones (Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB).


Well they all arrived today and I went to install it all and as I removed the QL140 from it's packaging I noticed the RGB connector was a bit different to the ones that are on the Commander Pro (seem to be 4pin not 3pin).


Do I seriously have to buy a Node Pro for a single fan? Or is there another way to connect it to the Commander Pro?

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You have a lighting controller (the Commander). What you're missing is the power for the fan lighting. That's the RGB Lighting Hub if you want to run it from the Commander or QL and newer fans come with a Lighting Core device that serves as controller and power conduit for fans only.


See the thread here.


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Thanks for the replies, I was really hoping for a solution that wouldn't include another hub, it's just for one fan :)


I may have found another solution though on eBay, an extension/adapter that will let me use the Commander Pro without a Lighting Hub \o/

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