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Vengance RGB PRO vs Aours Z390 PRO WIFI problem


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Hello Everybody,


At first sorry for my english mistakes (i'm not native speaker). Now to the clue...


I've got (related to problem):

- Aorus Z390 Pro WIFI motherboard

- bios - newest - F11(AMI UEFI BIOS)

- RGB Fusion 2.0

- Patriot 16GB (2x8GB) 4133MHz CL19 Viper Steel

- from Corsair:

- Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Platinum

- Lighting Node CORE - 3 x iCUE QL120 RGB (fourth in the way)

- 3 x Lighting Node PRO - 4 lighting strips in chassis, 16 far away from it;)

- iCUE - 3.30.89

- Corsair 16GB(2x8GB) 3600MHz Vengeance RGB Pro (recently purchased)


Hydro + fans + strips - working like charm under iCue control. RGB Fusion - controls motherboard and GPU lighting (disable for now). I understand gigabyte vs corsair problem related to motherboard sync issue with iCue and accept it (hoping to some changes in the future). New Vengance RGB working i supposed in default settings (rainbow effect). Either iCue and RGB Fusion don't recognize them. I've searched corsair forum and outside. Tried to uninstal/reinstal - rgb fusion, iCue, gigabyte's easy tune. Removed vipers. Searched in bios from left to right (found nothing related to rgb problem, maybe missing something obvoius ?) - nothing changes - rams still not visible (i'dont care about fusion but iCue:(). Only thing i don't try is to customize bios to available it's hidden options (and i prefer not to). These rams are going to another comp (on asus motherboard this time). I've got about a week to resolve this problem and decide for purchasing Vengeance (4000Mhz) for myself, to add either memory and lighting in the center of my chassis - pretty missing with motherboard effects disable. For now decision is "No", hoping somebody helps mi change this to "Yes!!!" ;)

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