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Aluminum scratching off K70 MK2 RGB


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You could try creating a ticket here: https://help.corsair.com/


And see what Corsair has to say and if they will RMA.


I'm suprised as I had my K70 RGB MK2 for about 6 months before replacing it with my K95 Platinum XT and they both had the same aluminum plate and I never had a single piece chip off, also you mentioned that the "aluminum" is scratching off, I don't think the plate is raw aluminum, I believe its powder coated or some sort of treatment is used for the plate to be dark/black, especially since it's fading like that. Few quick questions, did you use any sort of chemicals or a brush of some sort for cleaning the keyboard that could've caused this weird fading issue? Also, it is fading away on it's own or only when you rub it/touch it?


I'm also refeering it to as "fading" because it appears that whatever is on top of the plate is fading away, making it appear as someone constantly scratched it.

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